About Me

I’ve been a full time Arizona REALTOR since 1983. Wow, how time flies when you love what you do! Over the last 30+ years I’ve been blessed to serve all sorts of people and have valued every moment I’ve spent working to make their real estate dreams come true. From first time home owners terrified they’re spending $75,000 to corporate executives spending updwards of $4,000,000, at the end of the day we’re all just regular folks striving to do our best for those we love. 

When I’m not helping someone buy or sell real estate I enjoy spending time with family. Most of the time that involves the great outdoors….camping, hiking and fly fishing somewhere In Arizona or the greater southwest. Speaking of family, “mi esposa” Pam and I have been an item since highschool and were married in 1979. 3 children, 6 grandchildren and a cockapoo later, we’re still laughing our way through life. Of course I provide much more laughable material than she.